Megazone Christchurch

Pew pEW

Game Rates


One Laser Tag Game
Two Laser Tag Games
Three Laser Tag games

$10 per person
$16 per person
$21 Per Person


Standard Games are 12 Minutes Long.

Rates are Per Person of any age.



Family bLAST pASS $55 4x people for 2x games! (max FOUR people per booking)

Remind us, who's turn was it to do the dishes again?

Hologate Virtual Reality


One Game
Two games



Each Session is 10 Min in length

Rates are per person of any age


Ain't no party like a laser tag party

Group RaTES


Groups of 24 or more, 

$15 per person for Three games! (Save $6 per person)


Groups of 50 or more,

$8 per person for one hour session, games are back to back in the window, but some people will out each game!



Private Session?

Want an hour just for you, that's all good.  t's a flat rate of $550 per hour, for as many people as you want to play! Out of peak times, that rate drops to just $400.


Schools and Programs

Give us a buzz, we can help you out with special rates at off peak times, for your school group or outing! We can also look at options for during peak hours.